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Watch The Young Pope Online: HBO’s Trending Show in 2017

It’s an HBO production. Jude Law stars in it. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but it knows it. And you can stream this ridiculous, entertaining mess of a show’s first episode free online. You don’t even need an HBO account to watch it. You have pretty much no excuse not to give it a try and watch The Young Pope online. At least the first episode.

The 10-part series premiered on HBO in January 2017, and the powerhouse network will air new episodes every Sunday and Monday. With the first episode airing on January 17, there’s low bar for committing to the show. Specially, since you can dip your toe in the papal waters and watch the first episode online for free without an HBO login. And if you like it, you won’t have to plow through hundreds and hundreds of episodes to get caught up.

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Without giving it all away, the cigarette-smoking, Lenny Belardo (Jude Law) must win the political game of Vatican City after being chosen as the next Pope, Pius XIII. He shakes up the Vatican by moving to reject both the public eye and the liberal wold view of his predecessor. After you hit up the first show online for free, the second episode airs tonight. (HBO 8/7c)

How to watch The Young Pope online

the first episode is available for free online on HBO’s website. To watch tonight’s new episode, you’ll need HBO Now. They’re offering one month free if you sign up for the app now. Once you’re set up, you can watch HBO Now live and on demand on your mobile, you can watch online, or you can stream HBO Now through your favorite streaming device.

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