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StreamSavvy Guide: What to watch January 11, 2017

StreamSavvy’s daily guide for the best TV from January 11, 2017. Stream the final Workaholics premiere and the season two premiere of Schitt’s Creek. Here’s the post with what to watch, why you should check it out, and how to stream it.

A big day for shows kicking off their 2017 seasons.

Back into the swing of great TV. Premieres, finales, sports, and any binging still hanging out there that you didn’t get to over the holidays.

Watch the final Workaholics premiere Online

Final Workaholics Premiere: Say Goodbye

The crew from our favorite California suburb of Rancho Cucamonga are taking the 210 into the sunset. Season 7 premieres tonight and will be the final Workaholics premiere. Comedy Central has chosen not to renew it.

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Workaholics follows of three 9-to-5 heroes who live together and work together in the envious job of telemarketing. But when they’re not shredding it up on the phones, Blake, Adam and Ders, live party together 24/7. Sometimes it’s the house party in Rancho and other times they go rage sauce at a Renaissance Faire. Somehow trouble and mishaps find our three buddies wherever they go. (Comedy Central 10/9c)

How to watch: you can stream the final Workaholics premiere on Comedy Central tonight on Sling TV, through both the Orange and Blue packages. If you’re willing to wait a few weeks, Hulu will have episodes from the current season 21 days after they air.

If you want to catch up on the first five seasons, you can binge it up on Hulu.

Watch Schitt's Creek online

Season Two Premiere: Schitt’s Creek

The Canadians are just so nice. Nice enough to bless the world with Schitt’s Creek, a sitcom that aired for the first time in 2015 on Canadian television. It’s been picked up by POP in the US, and Season 2 kicks off tonight.

If you’re not all up in Canadian television, the show follows Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), a wealthy dude who made his cash in a video store empire, and his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), a “has been” soap opera star. After the pair lose all their money to stupid investments, like video stores, they are forced to rebuild their lives in their only remaining asset. The asset is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of Schitt’s Creek, Ontario, that the Rose pair purchased as a gag gift for the birthday of one of their children. The plot gets even better since they are forced to live together with their stereotypical, entitled 20-something kids in two adjacent rooms of a rundown motel. Maple syrup, hockey, niceness, and now Season 2 of Schitt’s Creek. Thanks Canada. (POP 8/7c)

How to watch: you can stream Schitt’s Creek tonight on POP through any of the Playstation Vue tiers.