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How to Watch Penn State in the Rose Bowl: Live Stream

Here’s everything you need to know to live stream and how to watch Penn State as they play the USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl. The two teams, some of the hottest in college football, will be going head-to-head today at 5 PM ET. It’s 2017, and since no one has cable (except maybe my 80-year-old neighbor, sucker), there’s a super easy way to get ESPN and live stream the game.

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On a budget? Chances are, we can probably help you find a way to stream the Penn State vs. Clemson game for free. What’s better than that? Stream the Nittany Lions game for free.

Before jumping into how to get the Rose Bowl, here is the official information for the game:

Monday, January 2 at 5 PM ET

3 Ways to Stream ESPN and Watch Penn State in the Rose Bowl

  • Sling TV: this is an app that will give you access to watch the Penn State Nittany Lion game on ESPN through your phone, streaming device (like a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick), or certain smart TVs. To get and stream the Rose Bowl on ESPN without having cable, you will get access through the Sling Orange package. If you are new to Sling, they are giving an exclusive offer to new customers right now with a seven day FREE trial. After that, watching ESPN and the other channels on Sling TV Orange will be $20 per month.

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  • Playstation Vue: this is also an app on your phone, streaming device, gaming console, or certain smart TVs. YOU DO NOT NEED A PLAYSTATION GAMING CONSOLE. To stream ESPN live TV for the Rose Bowl and Nittany Lions, the entry-level tier, Slim Access, is all you need. If you are new to Playstation Vue, they are also running a free seven day trial. After that, the cost of the Access package is $29.99 per month and gets you ESPN and another 30+ channels.
  • WatchESPN: this is the official streaming app for ESPN. The WatchESPN app gives you great access to stream games that are airing live on ESPN, like Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Traditionally, you needed a cable or satellite TV subscription. Then you could log into WatchESPN with your provider credentials. However, now you can get access to stream live sports on ESPN through the WatchESPN app using your Sling TV (Orange) or Playstation Vue (all tiers) credentials. Signing up for the WatchESPN app with Sling and PS Vue credentials is super easy. We like easy when it comes to figuring out how to stream ESPN live.

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