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Watch The Young Pope Online: HBO’s Trending Show in 2017

It’s an HBO production. Jude Law stars in it. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but it knows it. And you can stream this ridiculous, entertaining mess of a show’s first episode free online. You don’t even need an HBO account to watch it. You have pretty much no excuse not to give it a try and watch The Young Pope online. At least the first episode.

The 10-part series premiered on HBO in January 2017, and the powerhouse network will air new episodes every Sunday and Monday. With the first episode airing on January 17, there’s low bar for committing to the show. Specially, since you can dip your toe in the papal waters and watch the first episode online for free without an HBO login. And if you like it, you won’t have to plow through hundreds and hundreds of episodes to get caught up.

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Without giving it all away, the cigarette-smoking, Lenny Belardo (Jude Law) must win the political game of Vatican City after being chosen as the next Pope, Pius XIII. He shakes up the Vatican by moving to reject both the public eye and the liberal wold view of his predecessor. After you hit up the first show online for free, the second episode airs tonight. (HBO 8/7c)

How to watch The Young Pope online

the first episode is available for free online on HBO’s website. To watch tonight’s new episode, you’ll need HBO Now. They’re offering one month free if you sign up for the app now. Once you’re set up, you can watch HBO Now live and on demand on your mobile, you can watch online, or you can stream HBO Now through your favorite streaming device.

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More free shows from HBO online

Watch Girls on HBO online for free

The HBO show, “Girls”, that’s been oh-so-hot for five seasons, premiered its first episode from Season 6 on Sunday February 12th. You can watch “All I Ever Wanted”, the first episode from HBO’s Girls, for free online from HBO right now.

Watch the Young Pope official trailer

Refugee Ban Executive Order – The Real Refugee Story – Frontline: Exodus

Exclusive, never-before-seen footage of refugees escaping the terror of the realities in their home countries. Much of PBS special, Frontline: Exodus”, is captured in first person by refugees as they flee for their lives. These are the stories of refugees, the same people impacted by the refugee ban executive order.

If your head wasn’t buried in the sand during the second weekend of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, you’re probably aware of the refugee ban executive order. The refugee ban executive order prohibits refugees from a select group of countries from entering the U.S. for the next four months. The PBS documentary special, “Frontline: Exodus”, tells the stories of refugees, the people impacted, like no other work out there.

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Although the “Frontline: Exodus” focuses its attention on stories about refugees entering Europe, it still does a powerful job telling the stories of refugees, period. Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, it is important to go beyond the numbers, the protests, and the political charades to learn the stories about people.  The stories about people who have had their homes ripped away from them. People who have suffered persecution, faced war, and have brushed death. These are real stories. These are important stories.

Stream the story of refugees impacted by the refugee ban executive order

The background on the refugee ban executive order and the global refugee crisis

Thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing war, persecution and hardship risk everything for a better life or to live at all. The refugees seek out safe harbor in European countries, the United States, and Canada every year. Only the blessed few actually escape their home countries. Those traveling to Europe take their lives in their hands as they hope and pray to safely cross the Mediterranean in anything but seaworthy, makeshift boats.

Over the last two years, more than 1.3 million people have arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean. Nearly 9,000 have died or gone missing along the way.

“Frontline: Exodus” gives you never-before-seen access to the struggles of the refugee journey. Director James Bluemel combines his footage with video filmed by refugees and migrants themselves throughout the 2-hour special.

Frontline: Exodus aired for the first time last but is available today for streaming online. (PBS)

How to watch: you can watch right now online through the PBS website. Or your can stream it through the PBS app which is free.

Watch reactions to the refugee travel ban executive order

Protests sweep across the country

Bradley International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Online

No soup for you. But you can have some coffee. Watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee online and enjoy as Jerry Seinfeld takes a funny friend for coffee in a classic car in each episode of this Emmy-nominated series. The series has been a refreshing, lighthearted success for 8 seasons.

Through each episode as you watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee online, Jerry and his ride-along guest share stories and off-the-cuff laughs along the way. Some of the cars you’ll see in previous episodes include a 1977 Volkswagen camper bus, a 1978 AMC Gremlin, a 1964 Studebaker Avanti, and a 1970 Ford Mustang. The typical guest list is filled with great and up-and-coming comedians. But occasionally, Jerry will pull in other guests like in the episode that features a drive around the White House grounds with President Barack Obama in a 1963 Chevy Corvette Stingray.

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Season 9 of the Crackle original kicks off with Jerry driving around special guest, Kristen Wiig. The perfect guest to start the new season, Wiig has been a constant source of the best laughs most notably from Bridesmaids and Saturday Night Live. The pair are taking a 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon to the LA institution, House of Pies. They even make a stop at the Ohio favorite ice cream shop, Jeni’s.

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What makes this show even more awesomer is that it’s a Crackle production. Crackle is a free online and app-based streaming service that was named one of StreamSavvy favorite free apps in 2016.

How to Watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Online

You can watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee online, and the Season 9 premiere is available online right now (as of January 5, 2017).

If you don’t want to watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee online, then you can also stream it through the Crackle app. The app is available on most mobile devices, like iPhones and Android phones. It’s also on most streaming devices, including Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Sticks.

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