The StreamSavvy Mobile App TV Guide: The Best Guide for Streaming

Every streaming app rolled into one. That’s the StreamSavvy mobile app TV guide which is available on the App Store right now. Did you know that the average person spends over 2 weeks every year searching for something to watch? That’s 4 years of your life spent trying to find something to watch.

With hundreds of mobile apps an awesome content spread out across them, it is getting more and more difficult to find the best stuff to watch. Often, it’s meant that we’ve settled on watching something weak since we didn’t know or want to put in the time to find something awesome.

The StreamSavvy app changes that. Forever. It is the TV guide for streaming. It shows you and connects you in one touch with content from almost 300 streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Now, and many more. So whether it’s binging House of Cards or streaming your college’s football championship, StreamSavvy is your guide.

How StreamSavvy the app works

When you download the app, our algorithm pulls information from over 300 of the best streaming apps. The unique thing about the StreamSavvy guide is that is brings together live and on demand app like nothing else. Then, it gives you one touch access from the StreamSavvy mobile app to our partner apps.

So if you search for The Crown, we’ll show you all the seasons and each and every episode and where to stream it. If you tap on one of the streaming service icons associated with an episode (e.g. Netflix with episode one), the StreamSavvy app automatically launches the Netflix app and the episode of The Crown that you wanted to watch.

Check out the StreamSavvy mobile app TV guide

Take back those 4 years! Download our mobile iOS app to…Discover. Watch. And stream savvy.