StreamSavvy Guide: What to watch January 17, 2017

StreamSavvy’s daily guide for the best TV from January 17, 2017. Stream Teachers Season 2 premiere. Here’s the post with what to watch, why you should check it out, and how to stream it.

Lots and lots of TV today. Most shows are in the full swing of their seasons, but there’s always a little time to check a few new shows.

Watch Teachers Season 2 premiere online or on your Roku

Teachers Season 2 Premiere

Teachers are people too. No really they are. And that’s what the show Teachers is all about. The TV Land Network has been stepping up it’s game in a big way launching quality content, including launching Teachers in January of 2016. If you’re not up to speed on the show, it’s a refreshingly funny take on the lives of 6 off-the-syllabus elementary school teachers.

The 20-episode second season kicks off tonight on TV Land as the teachers all return from “summer break. Picking up where the first season left off, we get to laugh as Ms. Watson tries a new dating service and Ms. Snap gets the class nobody wants. (TV Land 10/9c)

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How to watch: you can stream Teachers Season 2 premiere as it airs on TV Land through Sling TV’s Comedy Plus Extra add-on. To sign up for this extra, you’ll need one of the core plans, either Orange or Blue. Then you can add-on Comedy Plus for $5 per month.

To catch up on the first season, you can watch individual episodes or the entire season by purchasing them through VUDU.

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