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StreamSavvy Guide: What to Watch December 8

Here’s what to watch on December 8.


Series Premiere: The Selection

Ordinary civilians go through Special Ops training. If you’re not sure what to watch tonight, this is a great bet. The History Channel launches its newest series tonight with the first of eight The Selection: Special Operations Experiment episodes. The unscripted series follows 30 men and women as they are pushed to the edge and beyond by a team of instructors trained by Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Army Rangers.  (History Channel 10/9c)

Still not sure about it? Here’s what to watch – awesome trailer – or get up to speed on the intense instructors.

How to watch: You can stream the History Channel through Sling TV (Orange or Blue).


Season Premiere: Gangland Undercover

If you love Narcos, Breaking Bad, and any other show about the drug world, and you’re not sure what to watch, get a jump on Gangland Undercover’s second season tonight. The real-life-but-fictionalized version of Charles Falco had us hooked in during the first season, and we can’t wait to see him continue his crusade as a former meth dealer who became an ATF agent. (A&E 10/9c)

The preview for tonight’s show looks awesome or read up on an interview with Charles Falco himself.

How to watch: You can stream the A&E through Sling TV (Orange or Blue).


What to Watch Sports: Raiders vs. Chiefs

Every year these Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs meet twice during the season. A lot of years, both teams suck. They still go after each other with a nasty chip on their shoulders. Tonight, that chip just got a whole lot bigger, and the matchup just got nastier. Both teams are actually good. Both teams are in the playoff hunt. This one’s going to be good. And you can watch on Twitter. That’s cool. (NBC | Twitter | NFL Network 10/9c)

If you aren’t already pumped up, this should do it.

How to watch: You can stream the game tonight through Twitter on your phone or on some streaming devices. You can also stream on the NFL Network through Sling TV (Blue) or Playstation Vue (Slim Core or higher). If none of these options work for you, there’s always NBC on the digital antenna.

StreamSavvy Guide Recommendations: Tuesday, December 6

StreamSavvy TV Guide recommendations for Tuesday, December 6.

This Is Us TV Show

Fall Finale: This Is Us

The show that quietly took the fall season and our hearts wraps up tonight until January 10. The Christmas episode promises to keep delivering and pulling at our heart strings as the family makes a trip to the hospital. (NBC 9/8c)

Check out the fall finale preview.

How to watch: In select markets (basically major cities), you can stream NBC through Sling TV (Blue). If you are in an area that doesn’t get live TV through Sling, your digital antenna should work well.

Reggie Watts: Spatial

Special Netflix Premiere: Reggie Watts Spatial

It’s quirky. It’s different. Netflix continues its month-long push of a crazy amount of new content. Reggie Watts gets his own TV show for the first time after making his mark on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! and on The Late Late Show with James Cordon. Another review sums this one up well, “It’s alternately exhilarating, silly, exhausting, and transcendent.” (Netflix)

Check out the official Netflix preview.

How to watch: Netflix.


A Different Dose of Reality: Window Warriors

There’s pretty much a reality TV show for everything now, from real estate agents to runway designers to island dwellers. Game Show Network delivered the newest reality show three weeks ago with window-display creators. If you haven’t seen it yet, this would be a great week to flip it on. It has its own standard ridiculousness, like any reality show, but if you can past that, it’s a cool behind-the-scenes look at a job that is responsible for what we see every time we step out the door.  (GSN 10/9c)

How to watch: you’ll need the Sling TV Comedy Plus Extra. This means that if you are subscribed to one of Sling TV’s base packages (Orange or Blue), you can add the Comedy Plus Extra for $5 per month.

Still recovering from that insane Westworld finale? Not ready to forget about it until 2018? Here are a few pieces on the finale: